Double 7 Training for all your training needs. We are now offering Zoom or TEAMS training, includes online test.
Double 7 Training for all your training needs. We are now offering Zoom or TEAMS training, includes online test.

Food Safety courses

The Level 1 Awards in Food Safety provide an ideal solution to staff induction training. They are also well suited to individuals handling low risk or wrapped foods (category A), including: new employees with minimal or no prior food safety knowledge employees handling low-risk or wrapped foods, front of house employees such as waiting or check out staff back of house employees, such as kitchen porters or warehouse staff.

Level 2. Who needs this qualification? Anyone working in a catering, manufacturing or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked and handled. Typical environments may include: pubs, hotels, restaurants supermarkets and retail environments food and drink manufacturers hospitals care homes schools prisons.

Level 3. Who needs this qualification? Managers and supervisors in small, medium or large catering, manufacturing or retail businesses. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor HACCP based food safety management procedures and systems. Why is this training important? Anyone working in a supervisory position in the food business is not only responsible but also accountable for food safety. It is therefore vital they are equipped with both the knowledge and confidence to do their job effectively.

Level 4. From food business owners to trainers, from production managers to hygiene auditors, this qualification meets the food industry’s need for a high level practical qualification with external accreditation.

Who needs this qualification? Managers, supervisors and senior hygiene personnel such as: production managers trainers owners or managers of food businesses supervisors with intermediate food hygiene knowledge hygiene auditors shift managers or supervisors this qualification is also suitable for those wishing to deliver CIEH food safety qualifications as part of their training provision.

Why is this training important?

Beyond being accountable, it is important for everyone in a managing or supervising position to have mastered the principles of good practice in food safety, thus gaining the ability to guide and advise on the management of food hygiene in a food business.

The CIEH Level 4 Awards in Food Safety have been designed as a five day programme to provide an in-depth understanding of food safety with an emphasis on the importance of the management of systems and staff.

Learning outcomes Identify areas for legal compliance Design an improvement plan

Deliver the CIEH Level 3 Award in Food Safety (with appropriate training skills).


Level 1 for operatives on a CCP through to level 4 for owners managers and where HACCP systems and principles require implementing and for continuous improvement.

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